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The Alphabet Train is an alphabet book like you've never seen before, with a story that will entertain and amuse readers of all ages.
Prepare to be met with an engaging storyline, beautiful illustrations, and a hidden chameleon who can be found 30 times throughout the story.


Featuring rhyme, alliteration, and words to expand your child's vocabulary, this book belongs in every home where education is a priority.


Move over "A is for Apple". The Alphabet Train is here to stay!

The Alphabet Train

My son and his cousins love this book. They get very excited when they find the hidden Chamaeleon on every page. He will pull the book out himself even though he can’t read.

- Molly


As soon as we got the book, we excitedly sat down to read it as a family. The illustrations are beautiful, the words are fun and enjoyable to read. The perfect starting point for more discussions with your children about pregnancy, birth, and the value of all life. We loved it!

- Sarah



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